Sweden Visa from Bangladesh: Documents, Consultants & Fees

Sweden is not only a place of natural bliss but also a Schengen country in Europe. Naturally, the demand for Sweden visa from Bangladesh is high. However, getting the Sweden Schengen visa is equally demanding and may be trickier than you think.

Therefore, it’s crucial for tourists, students, or anyone planning to visit Sweden to know its visa requirements properly. From the proper financial support and statement to medical insurance and visa application form, Sweden visa processing is a challenging job.

We will guide you through the challenging task of getting a Sweden visa from Bangladesh with proper documents, submission process, and visa fees. More importantly, we will discuss the 90/180 rules for Sweden and Schengen visas so you don’t get scammed or tricked.

Step 1: Determine the Visa Type

Identify your purpose of travel (tourism, family visit, business, study, work, or job-seeking) and select the corresponding visa category.

Step 2: Complete the Application Process

Follow the application procedures for either tourism, family visit, business, study, work, or job-seeking visas, ensuring accurate form submission, fee payment, interview scheduling

Step 3: Monitor Your Visa Status

Regularly check your visa application’s progress on the official website to stay updated on its various stages, from submission to decision.

Types of Sweden Visas

Sweden Schengen visa allows you to visit all the EU countries without any obligations. Also, depending on your visa requirement, Sweden offers several types of visas to Bangladeshi citizens.

Tourist Visa

Tourist visa will allow you to spend up to 90 days in Sweden and Schengen countries. Tourist visas can be single-entry or multiple-entry. Single-entry visas allow you to enter Sweden once. On the other hand, with a multiple-entry Swedish visa, you can enter and leave Sweden multiple times.

For a tourist visa, you typically need to show solid financial proof. Sweden accepts tourist visas with people able to bear their daily expenses in Sweden. For it, the Swedish embassy accepts SEK450 as a standard expense per day.

So, for a stay of 90 days, you need to show at least SEK40500 in your bank statement.

Family Visit Visa

Family visit visa is for visiting family members in Sweden. To apply for a family visit visa, you must provide an invitation letter from your family member in Sweden. The invitation letter must state the purpose of your visit and also the proof of citizenship of your family members in Sweden.

Also, it must include the travel dates and accommodation details. The invitation letter should clearly state why your family wants you to visit Sweden.

Business Visa

Business visa lets you travel to Sweden for business purposes, such as attending meetings or conferences. You must provide a business invitation letter from the Swedish company or the conference authority for a business visa. The business invitation letter must state the travel purpose, possible travel schedule, and accommodation.

Student Visa and Residence Permit

This visa is for students who are accepted to a study program at a Swedish university or college. Student visas are typically multiple-entry and allow students to stay in Sweden for their studies. If your study program is more than 90-days long, you will get residence permit as a student in Sweden. And for study programs shorter than 90-days, you must apply only for a student visa.

Once you have the letter of acceptance from a Swedish university or college, the student visa process will get easier and faster.

To get a Swedish student visa, your primary requirement is to get admitted into a Swedish university or collage. Some of the top Swedish universities for studying in Bachelor’s or Master’s programs are:

  • Uppsala University
  • Linnaeus University
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Jonkoping University
  • University of Boras
  • Chalmers University of Technology

For students hoping to get admitted into a Swedish educational institute and obtain a Swedish student visa, the following things are necessary:

Required FieldsRequirement
Language ProficiencyIELTS– 6.0 or 6.5 (Varies depending on universities) and no section less than 5.5.TOEFL iBT- Overall 72 and must get at least 17 in writingPTE AcademicDuolingo
DurationThe study program must be at least 3 months long or more.
Financial Requirement7,500 – 25,500 EUR/year (Depending on University); Scholarships available which will reduce the cost. You have to attach the pay slip of the university along with the visa document.
Health and Medical DocumentsHealth report and insurance along with the visa application; a medical check-up upon arrival in Sweden for students who will stay more than 1-year.
Cost of livingThe cost of living in Sweden for students is approximately SEK 8,000 to SEK 13,000 per month. Your bank account should have enough money for at least 6 months of expense for a visa assurance.

All Bangladeshi students must apply through the “Study in Sweden” portal to all Swedish universities and colleges. For a Swedish student visa, you must show that you have paid at least 6-months of tuition fee in your admitted institute. Attach the pay slip with the documents.

For qualified professionals, Sweden offers SI Scholarship. It covers the following things:

  • SI covers full tuition fee and pays it directly to your university
  • Monthly allowance of SEK10,000 for your expenses
  • SEK15000 of travel grants
  • SI Network for Future Global Professionals (NFGP) membership
  • Health Insurance

Besides the SI Scholarship, you can apply for different university scholarships and grants well. If you get one, attach the scholarship document with your visa application form too.

Work Visa

To apply for a work visa, you must submit a job offer letter from a Swedish company. Also, include who will bear your travel expenses and health insurance to ensure a quick visa approval.

Job seeker Visa:

Sweden’s government has recently introduced the “Job Seeker Visa,” through which Bangladeshi people can go to Sweden and stay for 9 months to seek a job. It has three categories for skilled professionals who want to go and reside in Sweden.

The categories include the following:

  • Category A: Doctor, Engineer, Architecture, Lawyer.
  • Category B: Digital Marketer, Website Designer, Software Engineer, Nurse.
  • Category C: The Swedish government will issue a job seeker visa to people with the skills to drive heavy transport.

If you get the visa within 9 months, you can then apply for a work visa and resident visa, too.

Eligibility Criteria for a Sweden Visa

To be eligible for a Sweden visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Bangladeshi citizen. You must submit a birth or marriage certificate as proof of your Bangladeshi citizenship. If you are a non-Bangladeshi citizen, you should apply through the Swedish embassy in your country.
  • You must have a valid passport.
  • You must have sufficient financial means to support yourself while in Sweden. Typically, SEK 450 is necessary for each day for tourist and business visas. For a student visa, you need to submit a pay-slip of tuition fee payment. It depends on the admitted university and study program.
  • You must have a travel health insurance policy covering your stay in Sweden. You can get the list of the approved health insurance policy agencies from the Sweden Embassy here.

Required Documents for a Sweden Visa from Bangladesh

Sweden embassy visa officer will scrutinize your visa documents. So, submit the accurate and all required Sweden visa documents correctly. You must submit the original copies and photocopies of each document for a Swedish visa from Bangladesh.

Also, the Swedish embassy accepts photocopies on A4 paper only. You can submit them electronically or through post-office or even personally.

Original Passport

Your passport must be valid for at least three months during the return date from Sweden. Or else it should have 6 months of validity from the planned flight date of you. The passport must have at least two blank pages which is necessary for the visa stamp.


Correctly Filled Visa Form

You will need to fill out the Swedish visa application form carefully. You can download and fill out the Sweden visa application form from the website of the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka. Fill out the form completely and accurately in English.

Passport-size Photographs

You will also require two recent passport-size photographs. The photos must be in color and taken against a plain white background. Your ears and facial expressions must be visible. Religious head coverings are allowed, but your face must be visible.


Cover letter

You should also write a cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit to Sweden, travel dates, and itinerary. The cover letter will go a long way in pursuing your Sweden visa. So, make sure to write the cover letter appropriately and with a professional look.

You don’t need to be extravagant. Instead, keep it simple and clearly state your reasons for choosing Sweden. It’s even more crucial for student visas.

Original Copy of Invitation Letter (if applicable)

Are you visiting Sweden for a family visit or a business visit? If so, you must provide an original copy of an invitation letter from the host or business contact in Sweden. The invitation letter must state the visiting reason, accommodation, flights, travel dates, and necessary information.


Forwarding Letter / NOC From the Applicant’s Company (if applicable):

The visa application will need a forwarding letter / NOC from your company if you travel to Sweden for business purposes. The forwarding letter / NOC must state that your company knows your travel plans. It should clearly state that you are authorized to travel to Sweden on business purpose.

Also, the NOC is required for employees. The NOC letter must be on your official company letter, signed by the proper authority, and include all required official documents.

Financial Statement and Trade License (if applicable)

You must provide evidence of financial support during your stay in Sweden. It could include a bank statement, salary slip, or employment contract. If traveling to Sweden for business purposes, you must also provide a copy of your company’s trade license.

For financial statements, make sure your bank account has enough money. Ideally, for each day, you should show SEK450 in your bank account. Hence, for a 90-day tourist visa, you will need around SEk40500.

Also, for the student visa, you must deposit the tuition fees in your admitted university and attach the slip with your Sweden application form.  For a Swedish business visa, you must submit a trade license and TIN with a tax certificate.

Concerning CriteriaDescription
Financial SupportApproximately SEK 450 for each day for tourist and business visas. Document of tuition fee payment for student visa for 6-months or one semester, at least.
Trade LicenseApplicable for only business visa along with company letterhead
TIN certificationApplicable for business visa only

Ticket itinerary & hotel booking

The visa application should also include a flight itinerary and hotel booking for your stay in Sweden. It will show the immigration officer that you have a plan for the trip.

Plus, it shows you have made the necessary arrangements, including accommodation and flights. It will work in favor of getting the visa faster.

Medical/Health Insurance

A Sweden visa requires you to have the right medical/health insurance. The insurance policy must cover at least €30,000 in medical expenses.

You can purchase travel health insurance from various insurance providers that the Swedish Embassy has approved in Bangladesh. We have provided the links above; you can check them from there.


Proof of Citizenship

You must provide proof of your Bangladeshi citizenship. Sweden’s embassy accepts the following documents as citizenship proof:

  • Marriage certificate or
  • Birth certificate.

How to Apply for a Sweden Visa From Bangladesh?

Applying for a Sweden visa from Bangladesh involves a comprehensive process that requires careful attention to detail. Follow these six steps to navigate through the application procedure smoothly:

1. Determine Your Visa Type

Begin by identifying the specific type of visa that aligns with your purpose of travel, whether it’s for tourism, business, study, or other reasons. Familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria for each visa category.

2. Complete Visa Application Form

Access and fill out the Sweden visa application form, which can typically be downloaded from the official website of the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka. Please provide accurate and complete information.

3. Gather Required Documents

Collect all the necessary documents stipulated by the Swedish Embassy. This includes your original passport, passport-size photographs, a cover letter explaining the purpose of your visit, and any additional documents specific to your visa category.

4. Pay Visa Application Fee

Pay the applicable visa application fee, which can be done at the Sweden Visa Application Center in Dhaka. The fee may vary depending on the type of visa and the processing method (via VFS Global or personal application).

5. Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment to submit your visa application documents. This can be done online through VFS Global or by emailing the Sweden Visa Application Center. Ensure that you choose a date well in advance of your planned travel dates.

6. Monitor Visa Status

Keep track of your visa application status by regularly checking the official website or the official website. This will provide updates on the various stages of your application, from submission to the final decision.

Photo Requirements for a Sweden Visa

Sweden strictly follows the appropriate photo requirements for its visa. You will need two copies of photos with the following requirements:

  • Size: The photos must be 35mm x 45mm in size.
  • Color: The photos must be in color.
  • Background: The background of the photos must be plain white.
  • Ear and facial expression: Your ears and facial expression must be visible.
  • Glasses: You must refrain from wearing any glass for Sweden visa photos.

Visa Processing Steps

Unlike other EU countries, Sweden offers straightforward and quick visa processing. You can follow our recommended steps for Swedish visa processing from Bangladesh.

Step 1: Gather Required Documents

Before applying for a Sweden visa, carefully review the list of required documents on the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka website. Make sure that all of your documents are complete and accurate. Also, they must meet the formatting requirements.

You will need an original copy and a 1-photocopy for each document during the application. Also, all the photocopies must be on A4 paper and adequately attested.

Step 2: Filling Out the Online Visa Application Form

The online Sweden visa application form is comprehensive. It will ask for detailed information about your travel plans, personal background, and financial situation. Be sure to fill out the form completely and accurately.

You can go through VFS Global, which works directly with the Sweden embassy for visa processing. Or, you can ask for a visa appointment through ambassaden.dhaka-visum@gov.se. You will get the required appointment date and must submit all the documents during the appointed time. Be sure to be present at least 2 hours before for a smooth processing.

Step 3: Paying the Visa Application Fee

The visa application fee can be paid at the Sweden Visa Application Center in Dhaka. You can pay the fee in cash or by credit and mastercard. For a Schengen visa in Sweden, you will need 80 euros for adults and 40 euros for children between 6-12 hours old (As of October 28, 2023, according to VFS Global).

It’s applicable if you process the visa through VFS Global. If you process the Sweden visa from Bangladesh personally, you must only pay 18.40 euros (Inclusive of VAT) through the NRB bank booth. It is right in the Sweden Embassy Center, Dhaka. Also, for the payment processing, you will need to pay 230/- Taka.

Special Note:

The visa processing fee is subject to change at any time. So, check the Sweden embassy website for the latest information.

Step 4: Scheduling an Appointment

You can schedule an appointment to submit your visa application documents online. Or else, you can email the Sweden Visa Application Center to get your appointment. Be sure to schedule your appointment well in advance of travel dates.

On the day of your appointment, arrive on time and bring all required documents. You will be asked to submit documents to a visa officer. The officer will review your application and ask you any necessary questions.

Step 5: Waiting for a Decision on Your Visa Application

The visa processing time for a Sweden visa from Bangladesh typically takes 5 to 20 days, typically. In general, tourist visas are processed within 10-12 working days. On the other hand, business and student visas may take up to 21 working days to process.

You will be notified of the decision on your visa application via email. Also, if you want to receive the visa through courier, state it clearly and pay for the courier service in advance. In most cases, especially for student and job-seeker visas, you will be asked for an interview. So, be prepared for the scrutiny in the Swedish embassy and answer confidently.

90/180 Rule

The 90/180 rule applies to citizens of non-EU/EEA countries who are visiting the Schengen Area. The rule states that you can stay in the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. It means that if you stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days in a row, you must then leave the Schengen Area for at least 90 days before you can return.

Also, you can visit for 15 days and return to Bangladesh. You can then again go to Sweden, and the days counting will start from the 16th day.

The 90/180 rule applies to all Schengen countries, including Sweden. If you are planning to visit more than one Schengen country, be careful to stay within the 90-day limit in any one country.

VISA Process Timeline

The total time needed to get a Sweden visa can vary depending on the type of visa, individual circumstances, and processing times.


Visa Category Selection


Documentation Preparation


Appointment Scheduling


Visa Processing and Decision


Visa Collection and Travel Planning

Total time from making payment to BDV: 30.5 – 38.5 months

*Timing fluctuates and changes, since this is a government processing. Each individual will have a unique process.

Sweden, with its stunning natural beauty and excellent educational and job opportunities, is a dream for many Bangladeshis. Also, a Sweden visa from Bangladesh is easier than a UK or German visa, thanks to their recent policy changes.

So, it’s time you prepare your Swedish visa documents and travel to the land of Svea.

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