At Guest Bird Air Travel, we value transparency and integrity in our services. We understand that sometimes situations change, and plans may need to be adjusted. This Refund & Cancellation Policy outlines the terms and conditions related to refunds and cancellations of our services.

1. Refunds for Visa Processing Services

Please be aware that Guest Bird Air Travel does not provide refunds for any reasons whatsoever once fees are paid. All fees paid to us are considered final, and no repayment will be made if your visa application is rejected by the Embassy or the Immigration Authorities of the respective country.

2. Chargeback Policy

Guest Bird Air Travel maintains a strict stance against chargebacks. Any customer attempting to dispute a valid transaction will be subject to permanent blocking from all services rendered by us. Furthermore, we will actively work to ensure that any request for a chargeback is denied.

3. No Refunds for Processing Delays

Guest Bird Air Travel offers no refund for any delays in processing caused by third-party services or authorities. Additionally, please note that Guest Bird Air Travel is not responsible for reimbursing payments made to external authorities, organizations, or entities related to visa processing.

4. Service Charges

The Service Charges collected by Guest Bird Air Travel are determined according to our company standards and are not related to market charges. These charges are outlined and agreed upon by all customers during the service sign-up process. Any complaints made after service confirmation, claiming that fees are too costly or otherwise invalid, will not be accepted, as they were clearly outlined in all our information sources. Therefore, clients do not have the right to dispute these charges.

5. Non-Communication

Non-communication with your consultant for a period of 1 month will be considered as service delivered, even if the client leaves or does not cooperate after providing partial information.

6. Timely Document Submission

Clients are required to furnish all relevant documents, forms, and information within a period of 30 days to Guest Bird Air Travel to complete the application submission process. Failure to do so will result in no refund being issued for advisory/consultancy fees.

7. Communication of Updates

Clients are obligated to promptly advise Guest Bird Air Travel of all communications, whether written or verbal, within seven days of receiving them from the embassy or any other body related to visa processing.

8. Compliance with Instructions

Clients are obligated to attend each and every interview at the agency’s desired location, at their own expense, and comply with any given orders. Timely compliance is essential for the successful completion of visa processing.

9. Request Abandonment

Clients should be aware that if they choose to abandon their request or opt out for any reason at any time after signing up, no refund or transfer of the Guest Bird Air Travel fee will be given.

10. Document Accuracy

The client understands that submitting documents to the embassy or authority is the client’s responsibility; even if the documents are provided by us, the client is responsible for verifying their accuracy and completeness. If any documentation appears fake, inaccurate, incorrect, or insufficient in any way, Guest Bird Air Travel will not be held accountable for it nor its potential negative implications.

11. Termination of Services

Guest Bird Air Travel reserves the right to terminate or withdraw their services without refund of the service fee of the client under the following terms:

  • Failure to submit all necessary documents within one month from the date of registration.
  • Attempts to tarnish the name of the company that adversely affect its business or reputation.
  • Failure to respond to emails and calls made by the company for more than a month and withdrawal due to personal reasons.

12. Company’s Limitations

Please note that Guest Bird Air Travel is a private enterprise and is not affiliated with any governmental organization or embassy. We can provide guidance and advice for those who wish to travel abroad but do not have the authority to grant visas. The final decision on all visa requests rests with the relevant government departments in their respective countries.

13. Transparency and Trust

We believe in transparency, trust, and sincerity in all our dealings with clients. Our terms and conditions are clearly spelled out, and there are no hidden charges or information. We aim to provide you with the best possible service and guidance throughout your visa application process.

For any further details or inquiries regarding our Refund & Cancellation Policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at:

Thank you for choosing Guest Bird Air Travel as your trusted travel partner.

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