Canada Visa From Bangladesh: The Ultimate Guide To Your Visa

In 2022 approximately 4.28 million trips were given in Canada by international residents and this number also includes Bangladeshi citizens. So, visiting Canada from Bangladesh is a straightforward process but you need many documents to make sure your visa doesn’t get rejected. 

The canada visa for bangladeshi is handled by the VFS global and all your documents need to be submitted online through them. Once your visa is accepted, they will ask you to submit your passport where your visa will be stamped. 

So, keep on reading to learn about all different types of Canadian visas for Bangladeshi citizens, required documents and how to apply.

Step 1: Determine the Visa Type

Selecting the right visa category is your first and essential step. It sets the foundation for your entire application process.

Step 2: Complete the Application Process

Follow the application procedures for either tourist, work or student visas, ensuring accurate form submission, fee payment, interview scheduling

Step 3: Monitor Your Visa Status

Regularly check your visa application’s progress on the CEAC website to stay updated on its various stages, from submission to decision.

Types Of Canada Visas Available For Bangladeshi Citizens

There are many different types of Canadian visas available for Bangladeshi citizens. Each of these visas come with their own set of requirements, guidelines and processing time.

Visa TypeEligibility 
Tourist visa/ 10 year multiple entry visaYou wish to visit canada for a short timeHave sufficient fund for the tour Have invitation letter for business visit Have travel history in few countries
Student visaGot admitted in a Canadian university or college
Work visa You will be working for a Canadian employer You are a skilled worker
Family sponsorship visaHave family living in Canada as citizen or permanent residents

Tourist Visa

Canada is a country of natural scenery which attracts millions of tourists every year. So, if you want to visit canada for vacation you will need a Canada visit visa from Bangladesh which is also known as tourist visa. 

This visa allows you to stay up to 6 months there and is a one time entry. You won’t have the option to expand this visa. 

To apply for a Canada tourist visa from Bangladesh you need to have enough funding on your bank to support your travel. You will also need to show you have enough country ties to come back after the tour.

Do, keep in Canada doesn’t have any separate visa for business travelers and is included in this same tourist visa category. 

Student Visa

Canada is a very popular destination for higher studies and if you intend to go for higher study there, you will need a student visa. So after your student visa is approved you will get a study permit when you enter Canada. This permit allows you to legally stay and study in Canada for the whole duration of your degree.

During your study period, you can also work per time to earn some extra money to manage your accommodations and other stuff. The duration of this visa depends on your course duration; it lasts for the total duration of your course along with an additional 90 days.

Now in case your study permit date is over before completion of your studies, you can reapply and renew the permit. 

However, to obtain a study visa in Canada you must have enough proof of funding for your studies, an offer letter from a Canadian registered institution and country ties which shows you will come back after completing study.

Work Visa

Bangladeshi nationals can temporarily work in Canada with a work permit visa. This visa enables qualified youth and professionals as well as international skilled workers, including those from Bangladesh, to work for a specified Canadian company for a defined amount of time in Canada. 

These workers include restaurant managers, chefs, cooks, truck drivers and more. So, if you apply for a Canada job visa from Bangladesh you will initially get a visa for two years. 

However, if you are able to fulfill the requirements of your employer in Canada you have the option to extend this visa more. 

Canada 10 year multiple entry visa

If you are lucky, you can get a Canada 10 year multiple entry visa. Do, keep in mind this visa is not a work visa or student visa and is like a visit or tourist visa. 

But, the main advantage of this visa is that you can enter Canada as many times as you want for 10 years and stay there for 6 months on every entry. 

Family Sponsorship visa

If you wish to permanently move to canada and have family living there and then family sponsorship is the right visa for you. Family sponsorship visas are part of immigrant visas and can be a lengthy procedure and take time. 

Therefore, you are able to live, study, and work in Canada and get permanent residency status if you are granted a family sponsorship visa. 

If your relatives are at least 18 years old, a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident, your relatives can sponsor you to immigrate to Canada. You can find more information about the sponsorship program here on this official website.

Required Documents For applying For A Canada Visa 

There is no Canadian embassy in Bangladesh, however they have a consulate which handles issues of Canadians living in Bangladesh. So, the whole visa processing is done by VFS Global.

Canadian visa application requires a lot of documents, any mismanagement in documents can result in visa rejection. Few documents are common regardless of which type of visa you are opting for.

  • A valid passport that have a minimum of 6 months of validity
  • Two recent passport size photographs with 3.5mm x 4.5 mm dimension.

Tourist Visa

  • Bank statement that shows enough funds to sponsor your tour 
  • Invitation letter if you have been invited for any seminars, programs or any other program.
  • Show ties to Bangladesh by providing tax return papers, showing proof of Business ownership or proof of a good permanent job. 
  • You might also need to provide CA valuation for your property including lands, Apartments and cars.
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Your past travel history
Canada Tourist Visa
Canada Student Visa

Student Visa

  • Admission Offer letter from a Canadian enlisted institution, university or college.
  • Proof of funds which should be enough to cover your cost of whole study and accommodation for at least one year.
  • Your total property including all assets should be evaluated by a CA and report should be provided. 
  • Your sponsor’s (must be immediate blood relative like parents, brother or sister)  trade license translated to English and attested by a barrister. 
  • Your previous all academic certificates completed in Bangladesh
  • Proof of your english proficiency like IELTS, TOFFL (depending on your institution requirements)
  • Show ties that you will come back after completing your study; your SOP must have enough justification and reason for that.
  • Positive medical examination report.

Work Visa

  • Legitimate employment letter from a Canadian registered organization.
  • Provide previous work experience documents if available
  • Bank statement that shows you have sufficient funds to sponsor your travel.
  • Positive LMIA (provided by the employer if needed)
  • Police clearance certificate 
  • Positive medical examination report
Canada Work-Visa
Canada Multiple-Entry-10-Years-Visa

Multiple Entry 10 Years Visa

  • Travel history is a must of few different countries
  • Proof of sufficient funding; a large sum of money in your bank account can put a positive impact on your application.
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Submit supporting documentation proving your connection to Bangladesh and the reason for your journey to Canada.
  • Invitation letter from Canadian organization or any residents if you have

Family Sponsorship Visa

  • The sponsor must complete and submit all these forms available here.
  • Proof of sufficient financial funding
  • Proof of your relationship to the Canadian sponsor 
  • Copy of your visa fees paid receipt
  • Complete the family information form
Canada Family-Sponsorship-Visa

Fees and Charges For Getting Canada Visa From Bangladesh 

The visa fees for Canada varies depending on the type of visa; the fees below includes visa fees as well as biometric fees (which is a must for Bangladeshi residents)

Visa TypeFees
Tourist visa$185
Work visa$240-$340
Student visa$235
Multiple entry 10 years visa$185
Family sponsorship visa$150 (child), $1080 (adult 22 years or older)

The visa fees keep on changing, so before applying for any type of visa visit this link to see the updated fees.

How to Apply for a Canada Visa from Bangladesh?

Applying for a Canada visa from Bangladesh involves a systematic process that varies depending on the type of visa you are seeking. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the application procedure:

1. Select Your Visa Type

Identify the specific visa category based on the purpose of your visit, such as tourism, study, work, or family sponsorship. Familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria for the chosen visa type.

2. Gather Required Documents

Collect all the necessary documents based on the selected visa type. Ensure you have a valid passport, recent passport-size photographs, and specific documents like admission offer letters for students, employment letters for work visas, and financial proof.

3. Complete the Online Application Form

Visit the official website of VFS Global, the authorized partner for Canada immigration, and download the official application form. Fill it out electronically, providing accurate and complete information.

4. Book an Appointment

Once all your documents and forms are prepared, schedule an appointment with VFS Global. Visit the center on the designated date to submit your fingerprints and photographs.

5. Pay Visa Fees

Create an e-app account online to pay the required visa fees. Visa fees may vary depending on the type of visa, and it’s important to pay attention to the fee structure. Payments can be made using credit or debit cards and must be in dollars.

6. Track Your Application

After making the visa payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. Use this number to monitor the status of your application on the official website.

How To Apply For A Canada Visa From Bangladesh?

The Canada immigration from Bangladesh doesn’t accept handwritten applications and it must be done online from VFS global. 

They are the official partner of Canada immigration. So follow the steps below to understand how to apply for the visa

Step 1: Select your visa

The first step is to select the type of visa you are applying for and gather all the documents according to it. For extra assurance, you can visit the official Canadian IIRC site for the detailed checklist. 

Step 2: Start your application

Once you are done collecting all the documents, download the official application form and fill it up electronically. In certain situations, you can get a waiver if you are unable to provide all the documents. 

So, download the waiver form, fill it up and sign it and attach all other required documents along with it. After completing all the forms electronically, you will need to print them up and bring to VFS global

Step 3: Book an appointment

When all your documents and forms are ready, it’s time to book an appointment in VFS global. After taking the appointment you will need to visit the center and give your fingerprints and photo.

Strep 4: Fees payment

Canadian visa payments must be paid online by creating an e-app account. The payments can be paid using either credit or debit card and must be paid in dollars.

Step 5: Track your application

After making the visa payment, you will receive a confirmation email along with a tracking number to track your application. 

If your visa is approved you will receive an email to submit your passport; submit your passport at the VFS global and they will give you a date to collect your passport with visa stamped.

Common Reasons For Canada Visa Rejection From Bangladesh

The Canadian visa rejection rate from Bangladesh is quite high and there are many reasons for it. Knowing about these reasons before making your application can help you take preservative methods to avoid them.

Insufficient funding 

One of the major reasons for Canadian visa rejection is insufficient funding. If the visa officer is not satisfied with your bank statement, your application will be rejected. 

Documents missing

In order to determine if a potential visa applicant is eligible, the Canadian immigration authorities need a number of particular documents. If any of these documents are missing or insufficient, the visa application may be rejected.

Not enough country tie

Visas like tourist or student, immigration officer need to see enough reasons which shows your will come back to Bangladesh after finishing your tour or study. Thus, if your application fails to show this proof your visa will be rejected.

Appeal Process After Getting Canada Visa Rejection From Bangladesh

Unfortunately, if your Canada visa is rejected from Bangladesh then you do have the option to appeal and this is applicable for student visa only. 

If a study permit application is turned down, the visa officer will give you a letter explaining the reason for refusal.  

But if you believe the refusal was unfair for you, there is an option to appeal for the decision and this is a complicated process. You will need to contact a lawyer and appeal for a Judicial review.

So, the better option is to check the reasons for refusal and fix them and reapply again for your visa.

Tips For Obtaining A Canada Visa From Bangladesh

To make your visa processing smoother and hassle free, follow our tips below. 

  • Always make sure all of your documents are real and prepared in the required format.
  • Make sure you have enough proof of country ties
  • Do not start your application at the last moment; keep sufficient time in hand.
  • Consult a professional chartered accountant to value your property properly.
  • Always use recent photographs for the visa application

VISA Process Timeline

The total time needed to get a Canada visa can vary depending on the type of visa, individual circumstances, and processing times.


Visa Category Selection


Documentation Preparation


Appointment Scheduling


Visa Processing and Decision


Visa Collection and Travel Planning

Total time from making payment to BDV: 30.5 – 38.5 months

*Timing fluctuates and changes, since this is a government processing. Each individual will have a unique process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still having some questions related to the Canada visa from bangladesh? Then keep on reading our FAQs below to clear out all of your confusions.

Canada visa processing can take some time especially during rush seasons so it is always advisable to apply for a visa at least 3 months beforehand. 

Also, if you are confused about the overall visa processing you can take help from any immigration lawyer or agencies. 

Additionally, make sure you are not hiding any sensitive information as this can result in your visa rejection.

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