Bangladeshi Passport Renewal

Has your passport gone old, worn out, or is it nearing its expiration date? We get it.  Renewing your Bangladeshi passport might give you a mini heart attack right now.

All those forms, the long queues, the uncertainty of whether you’ve got everything right. Breathe.

We’re here to help you through every step with this Bangladeshi Passport Renewal guide and ensure you’re prepared and stress-free.

Follow our guide, and let’s get that shiny new passport in your hands without any hassle.

Eligibility for Bangladeshi Passport Renewal

Navigating the maze of passport renewal can be daunting. It’s especially true if you need clarification on the criteria or if you even qualify.

But fret not!

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been through the process before. No matter, renewing your Bangladeshi passport won’t be a headache any more.

If you’re pondering over the question, “Can I renew my passport?“, we’ll also answer it.

According to the government website for the application process for passport renewal, here’s a clear breakdown of what you need to know and the key factors determining your eligibility.

1. Who can renew?

Two groups of people can apply for Bangladeshi passport renewal.

  • Bangladeshi Citizens live in Bangladesh: Any Bangladeshi citizen, who lives in Bangladesh and has a machine-readable passport (MRP) or Electronic Passport (epp) can apply for passport renewal.
  • Residents Abroad: Bangladeshis living abroad can renew their passports at the nearest Bangladesh embassy or consulate.

2. Passport expiration criteria

You are also eligible for passport renewal based on the passport duration.

  • Validity Period: A standard Bangladeshi passport is valid for 5 or 10 years from the issue date. If your passport is about to expire, you need to renew it.

Tips: You should start your renewal process before the passport expiration date. It helps you to avoid any last-minute rush or travel disruptions.

3. Insufficient Passport Pages

Bangladesh government issues 48 or 64-page passports for 5 or 10 years of validation. If your passport doesn’t expire but runs low on blank pages due to frequent travels, you’ll be eligible for passport renewal.

4. Lost or Damaged Passports

If you lose your passport or it is significantly damaged by being torn down. You are eligible to apply for passport renewal.

5. Change of Personal Details

If your passport has some wrong info and you need to change them. In that case, you will be eligible for a passport renewal application.

There are 8 categories of personal details changed in your passport when you can apply for renewal or reissue. Such as

  • Change of your partial name
  • Change of your full name
  • Change of your parents’ partial or full name
  • Change of your permanent address
  • Change of your age
  • Change of your passport type
  • Change of your profession
  • Change of your marital status

Note: If personal details correction is your passport renewal purpose, please check this dedicated post for the Bangladeshi passport correction consultation (Here you can make an internal link on Bangladeshi passport correction consultation) guide. Here, you get everything about it with government links.

Documents Required For Passport Renewal in Bangladesh

We know all the paperwork may make the process overwhelming. But, it becomes a breeze with the proper documents in hand. So, before you start, ensure you have everything in order.

Here’s a detailed table of the documents and requirements for a smooth renewal.

Why You Need The DocumentsTypes of Documents
Proof of applicationPrinted renewal passport application summary.
Proof of expiry/inefficient pages  Your old passport, whether it is valid or expired.
Proof of Payment Receipt of the passport renewal fee payment.
Proof of IdentityAny official documents for proof of your identity. Photocopy of your National ID card Photocopy of your Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) that contains a 17-digit Birth Registration Number (BRN).
Special CasesCopy of affidavit for your name or parental name change Copy of local police verification certificate for address correctionCopy of marriage or divorce certificate for marital status changeCopy of passport correction ongikernama (only applicable for passport correction) Local police report (Only applicable for a lost passport)Copy of your GO/NOC (Only applicable for government service holder)

Note: The document for special cases varies based on your renewal case.

How to Prepare Bangladeshi Passport Renewal Documents?

It’s time to know how to prepare your necessary documents. You don’t need any special documents if your passport is expired or out of blank pages.

So, in this regard, there are no worries about paperwork. Because you already have everything. Here’s the list of papers you bring for your biometric verification date.

  • Your old passport (Expired/inefficient page)
  • Your NID or BRC with you. As you have a passport, it’s pretty sure that you have one of them.
  • Printed passport application summary and payment slip. (You get it from the official passport website when applying.)

If special case documents are applicable for you, visit the service page of for an affidavit, the Clearance Certificate (PCC) website for police verification, or your local police station for any other legal help.

Passport Renewal Fees & Payment Options

Now, you are thinking about the cost of a Bangladeshi passport renewal. You’re not alone. Many need help on the varying fees and payment methods.

We’ve detailed the renewal charges to clarify things and help you plan your budget. Also, we include the different ways you can settle the payment.

Note: But keep in mind, whether you apply for a new e-passport, for correction, or renewal, the online application process, fees, and payment are the same. We’ll guide you later about the process; here are the renewal fees and payment details.

Renewal Fees

There’s a standard fee for renewing a Bangladeshi passport. This might vary based on the type (regular vs. express delivery time) and number of pages.

Bangladesh e-Passport Fees and Payment Options updated its website on 9 March 2023. According to it, the fee is

Fees for 48 pages passportFees for 64 pages passport
4,025TK for 5 years validity for regular delivery 6325TK for 5 years validity with express delivery 5750TK for 10 years validity for regular delivery 8050TK for 10 years validity for express delivery6325TK for 5 years validity for regular delivery 8625TK for 5 years validity with express delivery 8050TK for 10 years validity for regular delivery 10350TK for 10 years validity for express delivery

Note: It takes 15/21 working days for regular delivery and 7/10 working days for express delivery from the biometric enrolment date.

Payment Methods

You can pay online through mobile banking or offline official banking channels. The good news is that the fees are the same for both methods.

You can use ekpay as an online payment system. It supports

  • VISA, Master Card, and American Express
  • bKash, Nagad, Rocket, and Upay
  • Bank Asia, Brac Bank, EBL, City Bank, UCB, AB Bank, and DBBL

Or you can choose A-Challan for offline payment. Visit this page to know which payment option it supports for A-Challan.

How To Apply For Bangladeshi Passport Renewal (Full Guide)

You know everything from your eligibility, needed documents, fees and payment methods to renew your Bangladeshi passport.

So, what’s next? Yes, it’s the step-by-step instructions for applying from your home. Let’s see the steps.

Step 1: Check E-passport office availability in your area

It’s important to know whether an e-passport office is available in your area. To do this, visit the Bangladesh e‑Passport Online Portal and click “List of functional e-Passport Offices“.

It’ll lead you to another page from which you can see a list of 72 e-passport offices. Since the authority updated this page on 20 September 2023. So it’s 100% sure that you get the latest update about the available office. If you find the e-passport office available in your nearest area, it’s good that you don’t need to go far for biometric verification and passport collection.

Step 2: Start Your Online Application

Then, you see there is written “For Online Application Click Here”. Press the “Here” as it’ll take you to the passport application page.

It’s the beginning of your passport application. You should create an account to continue the application process. To make your account, answer the question.

  • Are you applying from Bangladesh?” If yes, select yes. If no, select no.
  • Then you have to “Select District of your present address“. Click the right-side “🔽” button and it’ll show you the list of Bangladesh’s 64 districts. Select your district where you live now from here.

Afterwards, you should “Select the police station nearest to your present address” because the passport office is located in this area, where you should visit for biometric verification and passport collection.

Step 3: Create Your Passport Account

It’s the simplest step but very important. You have to log in to this account for further steps.

  • You find there is written “email address” above a blank box. Put your email there that you regularly check.
  • Fill up the “I am human” captcha to verify you are a human.
  • Press the “continue” button.
  • Now, you have to select your country code. But, as you choose that you are from Bangladesh, the algorithm will automatically show you Bangladesh country code “+880”.
  • Enter your mobile number that is open and you are available 24/7.

Again, click the “I am human” and “Create account” buttons.

Step 4: Complete Your Account

Your passport account creation process isn’t completed. It needs more info, like password, first name and surname.

  • Put the email address that you have entered in the previous step.
  • Create a 6-character strong password and again write it in the place of “repeat password“.
  • Fill up the form providing your first name, surname, and mobile number.
  • After entering that info, click the “I am human” button to ensure you are an actual human, not a robot.
  • Finally, click the “Create an account” button.

Tips: Your password should be a combination of upper-case, lower-case, symbols and numbers. But, make a password that you can remember.

Step 5: Activate your e-passport account

The algorithm will inform you that it sends you an email to your given email address. You have to check the email and activate your e-passport account by clicking the activation link.

  • Go to your Gmail inbox and check for an email with the subject line “no reply“.
  • Check your email’s spam if you don’t find it in your primary inbox. You may find it there if it’s not in the primary inbox.
  • After getting the link, click it to activate your passport account and sign in to your account.

Step 6: Apply for passport renewal

After signing in to your passport account, you can see an interface where “Apply for new e-passport” is written at the top right corner.

  • Click the “Apply for new e-passport“.
  • Select passport type from ordinary and official.
  • Provide all of your essential information.
    • Personal information
    • Present address
    • Permanent address
    • Parental information
    • Spouse information

Step 7: Provide Old Passport Info

The above information will be the same as your old passport. So, putting them is not a chore. The ID document is when it is proved that you are applying for passport renewal.

  • You see there is written “Do you have any previous passport?“. You should select “Yes, I have a machine-readable passport (MRP)” if your old passport is MRP. Or “Yes, I have an Electronic Passport (ePP) ” if your old passport is epp.
  • As you select, you already have a passport. You can see there’s written, “What is the reason for your passport request?”. There, 6 reasons are listed: conversion to e-passport, expired, lost/stolen, data change, unusable, and others.
  • You should select the actual reason for your passport renewal application. If it’s for converting your passport from MRP to ePP, select “conversion to e-passport”. If it’s for passport expiry, or out of blank pages, choose “expired”. If you lost your passport, select “lost or stolen”.
  • Then, enter your passport number where it is written “previous passport number“, enter its issue date where it is written “select date of issue” and enter its expired date where it is written “select date of expiration”.
  • Next, you’ll be asked, “Do you have passports from other countries?” If you don’t have any other passport, select “No, I don’t have,” or if you have another passport, select “Yes, I have another passport”.

Finally, put your NID number and click the “save and continue” button.

Step 8: Complete the form

In the above steps, you provide your old passport information. But, the application process isn’t completed. To complete the application, you must enter some more info. Such as

  • Emergency contact with whom the passport office contacts in case of emergency. So, carefully provide the info.
  • Select the types of passport from 48 pages for 5 years or 10 years to 64 pages for 5 or 10 years.
  • Select delivery options and appointments. If you have enough time to renew your passport, choose the regular delivery option.
  • Or if your passport is near expiration and you need your passport within a short time, select express delivery.

Finally, select a blank date and time from the calendar for an appointment date for biometric verification.

Step 9: Overview the application form

Your passport renewal application is almost done. You are just 2 steps ahead from getting your passport, paying fees, and attending biometric verification.

A passport is an essential document for national and international identification. So, you should ensure there are no silly mistakes, even for typos.

  • Before submitting the application form, check the overview 2-3 times through your eagle eyes.
  • If there is any wrong info, edit it by pressing the top right corner “edit” button.
  • When everything is ok, press the “confirm and proceed to payment” button.

Step 10: Pay passport renewal fees

Online EKpay or bank a-challan, both payment systems are available. It’s up to you how you want to pay your fees. Online payment is easier, faster, and more convenient than offline.

Earlier, we discussed the passport renewal fee payment system and options. So, it’s unnecessary to talk about it again. Check that part and pay your fees. Note: After paying fees, collect the payment slip and keep it in a safe place. Because you’ll need to bring the payment slip on the biometric verification date.

Step 11: Download &  print the application summary

As proof of your passport renewal application, you should provide the application summary to the passport office.

  • Download the application summary and keep it in a folder.
  • If you have a printer at home, print the summary. If you don’t have one, print it from your local computer shop, where they offer document printing service.
  • Sign the application summary with a date.

Tip: Organize all the documents in a file. So that there’ll be no chance of missing any of them on your biometric verification date. Because many people forget to bring the documents or miss one of them. To stay safe select a reminder in your Google Cleaner for the date.

Step 12: Attend the Biometric & Photo Session

Visit your selected passport office on the scheduled date early in the morning because the biometric verification process will be held from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. If you arrive earlier, it helps you avoid long queues.

However, take these necessary documents with you

  • Your old passport
  • Application print summary
  • Payment receipt
  • Primary NID copy and 2 of its photocopy
  • Or Birth Registration Certificate

If the authority finds all the info on your previous passport, application summary, and NID is the same, they’ll send you to the biometric verification room. There, they will take your

  • Fingerprint
  • Eye lens
  • Photo
  • Signature

Step 13: Receive your new passport

During the passport processing period, a police verification will be held by the authority. Any of the local police officers will come to your home.

They may want to see your old passport to check its expiry and ask you some questions to verify the information that you provide in the application.

If they find you have provided the correct information, they’ll send a verification note to your passport office. So, your renewal passport will be approved.

  • After passport approval, you will get a passport approval status on your provided mobile number through SMS. There, they will also mention a date to collect your renewed passport.
  • Visit your regional passport office and collect it. But, this time you should visit after 3.00 PM. Because they’ll deliver all the passports from 3.30 PM to 5.00 PM.

Consequences of Not Renewing Your Passport

Sometimes, you may think; there’s a few months, I’ll renew the passport later. And unfortunately, you forget it.

So, your passport has expired, but you don’t apply for renewal. Letting your passport expire without renewing can lead to several consequences/challenges. Such as

  • You’re absolutely grounded without a valid passport. It becomes impossible to travel abroad with an expired passport. So, you should renew your passport before it expires.
  • If your passport expires when you are in a foreign country, you are at risk of overstaying your visa. This can result in heavy fines or even deportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Few Words

We’ve walked you through every twist and turn in this Bangladeshi Passport Renewal guide. Every section of this post ensures you will be well-equipped to tackle any obstacle.

Because your passport isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s a gateway to memories, opportunities, and dreams. Renew it before it collects dust, worse, or expires.

You’re ready to handle the renewal process confidently following our step-by-step insights. If in doubt, return to this post or seek help from official sources.

Your adventures await, and they start with a renewed passport in hand. Dive in, get started, and happy traveling! Note: Some FAQs have grammatical errors. It’s because the visitors search Google like this and I don’t correct it.

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