Bangladeshi Passport Correction Consultation

After getting your passport, seeing the wrong information is stressful. Error identification, too much paperwork, and government rules make the correction process more stressful. 

This easy-to-follow guide makes your both MRP and Epp passport correction journey hassle-free. After reading the post, you get all the necessary information and government links to correct your passport.

Common Errors That You May Need To Correct In Your Bangladesh Passport 

Correction is needed when there is any wrong information in your passport, and you want to update it. Or if any of your positions is changed that doesn’t match your current passport. 

So, first, we want to discuss the scenarios when you must apply for passport correction. 

  • Partial name change : Sometimes, your first name or surname can be wrong on the passport. In most cases, there can be typos that don’t match with your NID. 
  • Full name change : You may find that your full name (first and surname) on the passport is wrong for typos or other issues. 
  • Parents’ full or partial name change : Do you find something wrong about your mother’s or father’s name (not matching with their NID or BRC) in your passport? It should also be corrected. 
  • Permanent address change : If you spot a mistake in your permanent address or if you move your house from one place to another. You should update that permanent address to ensure it matches your real home and NID. 
  • Age change : If your passport date of birth and NID date of birth are mismatched, it may raise your identity issues. So, you have to correct the age of your passport matching your NID. 
  • Passport type change : If you switch from an official to a regular passport or the other way around, that time you have to update the passport type. 
  • Profession change: You have a passport, but now change your profession. If so, your passport’s profession section doesn’t align with your current job. So, it’s time for an update.
  • Marital status change : If your marital status changes from single to married or married to divorced, your passport should reflect it. That’s when you need to update your marital status in your passport.

The Documents You Need to Apply for Passport Correction

Now you know when and why you have to apply for passport correction. I know your heartbeat is getting fast thinking about the paperwork. Because the required documents vary from case to case depending on your correction type. 

Relax, there’s no worry about the paperwork. Visiting this Data Correction of Bangladesh Passport website you get everything in detail: which documents you need for which type of passport correction. 

Here’s a short overview of your required documents. 

Types of ChangesRequired documents
Profession changeCertificate of professional change (For doctor, engineer & technical professional) Appropriate letter from the authority (For any other professions)

Permanent address change
It needs a copy of your local police verification certificate
Passport type changeOfficial to Ordinary retirement or dismissed certificateOrdinary to Official NOC/GO/LetterOrdinary to Diplomatic letter from concerned Ministry/Office
Partial name changePhotocopy of your NIDPhotocopy of your birth certificatePhotocopy any of your educational certificate that is available PSC/JSC/SSC/HSC/Hons/Masters
Parents’ full or partial name changePhotocopy of your parents’ NIDTheir name changing affidavit from the 1st class magistrate in Bangladesh (It is applicable only for illiterate or who doesn’t have NID)Photocopy any of their PSC/JSC/SSC/HSC/Hons/Masters educational certificate (If available)
Marital status changeIssued marriage or divorce certificate
Full name change  Photocopy of your NIDYour name changing affidavit from the 1st class magistrate in Bangladesh (It is applicable only for illiterate or who doesn’t have NID)Photocopy any of your educational certificate that is available (PSC/JSC/SSC/HSC/Hons/Masters)
Age changePhotocopy of your NIDAge changing affidavit from 1st class magistrate in Bangladesh (It is applicable only for illiterate or who doesn’t have NID)Photocopy any of your educational certificate that is available -PSC/JSC/SSC/HSC/Hons/Masters

How To Prepare all the Documents For the Passport Correction Application?

Knowing the required document names isn’t enough to proceed with the process. It needs to get the papers ready for smooth application.

We don’t know what is the reason for your passport correction. However, most people need to change their name, parental name, or date of birth correction. And, of course, there are so many reasons…

  • Some people often have long and intricate names, which can get misinterpreted or misspelled.
  • It can happen due to simple mistakes during manual data entry during documentation time for lack of care. 
  • Some individuals have both a formal name and a nickname. It confuses the application.
  • In rural areas, names and birth dates are passed down orally to the operator who applied for the passport. Mistakes happen for inconsistencies in written records.

Whatever the reasons for your passport correction, it needs some documents. And here’s the way to get your documents 


First, an affidavit certificate of your name, parent’s name, or date of birth is needed to correct that info. 

So, from where can you affidavit those info?

Yes, is the official website for this government service. 

  1. Visit the service page of
  2. There, you get a list of affidavit services.
  3. Select the service you need from changing name, date of birth, address, etc. 
  4. Then, follow the other steps. 

Educational certificate 

Visiting your academic institutions from where you studied and asking for your certificates are the steps to arrange your educational certificate if you haven’t collected it yet. 

Police verification certificate

You need your local police verification certificate to ensure that you inhabit that locality. So, how do you get a police verification certificate? Visit this Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) website and follow the instructions. 


Do you need to change your marital status, passport type, or profession? In this case, contact the required office. 

It can be your local marriage registration or divorce office from where you get married or divorced. Or the office that hired you. Or the ministry that is authorized for your official passport. 

Once you collect the documents that you need, you can apply for the passport correction.

How To Prepare Before Passport Correction Application?

First, there is no way to correct your existing passport, like changing the information or updating the error and getting that one.

Basically, your existing passport will be invalid, and a new passport will be issued, after updating your info. And it’s true for both machine readable passports (MRP) and electronic passports (epp).

Bangladesh government updated its official passport website on 23 October 2022. On the instructions page, you’ll get 26 instructions that you have to read first before applying for a new or corrected passport because it reduces the chances of mistakes.

However, here are 4 common instructions that you must keep in mind.

  • You must apply for the passport online. No offline or traditional application is granted.
  • You need papers, but there’s no need to verify them. Collecting the documents from the authorized institutions is all right.
  • You don’t need to attach any photos. It’ll be taken on your biometric verification date.

You should fill out the passport application form in English based on your National ID (NID) or online Birth Registration Certificate (BRC).

How To Apply For Bangladesh Passport Correction? (Mini Guide)

So, you are ready with your documents for the passport correction application. It’s unfortunate if you recently applied for a passport and now need to update it for having wrong info in it.  

Then, for your kind information, the passport correction application process is the same as applying for a new passport.

But here, you have to

  • Change the ID documents → From no passport to I have a passport (MRP) or (Epp)
  • Reason for passport request → Select the data change option
  • Enter your previous passport information → Passport number, issued and expiring date
  • Collect the passport correction ongikernama → Fill it up

And the rest of the process is the same as when you applied for a new passport.

How To Apply For Bangladesh Passport Correction (A Full Step-By-Step Guide)

However, if you don’t know how to apply for a passport, don’t worry. We’ll guide you from the very beginning to last for your passport correction application. So let’s start…

Step 1: Visit the passport application website

First, visit this government’s official Bangladesh e‑Passport Online Portal. After visiting, you’ll see: apply online for an e-passport, 5 steps to e-passport, urgent application, passport fees, instructions, and application at RPO Bangladesh Secretariat.

  • Since you want to correct your passport, click the apply online for e-passport.
  • After clicking this, you get a page to create your passport application account.
  • You have to create an account here by specifying your location (inside or outside of Bangladesh).

If you are from Bangladesh, provide your district and the nearest police station. Because you need to collect the passport from the passport office of that location.

Step 2: Enter your email address

  • Input your email address because the authority will connect you with the email.
  • After that, fill in the captcha to verify you are human.

Note: You must use the email address that you check regularly.

Step 3: Enter your account information

This time, you should enter the email address as like the previous step.

  • Now, make a 6-character strong password and put it in the place of “repeat password”.
  • After that, you will be asked to provide some personal information. Such as your first name, surname, and mobile number.
  • After entering that info, click the button “I’m human” to ensure you are not a robot.
  • Then click the “create an account” button.


  • Combining upper-case, lower-case, symbols and numbers is wise to keep the password strong. But don’t make it over-complicated as you can’t remember it. We suggest you use your name and mobile number combination. So you can easily remember it.

Keep in Mind:

  • If you want to correct your name, then you should enter the correct spelling of your (first name, or surname) name for partial or full name change. Because the spelling you put here will be the spelling of your corrected passport, write it according to your NID.

Step 4: Activate your e-passport account

Your passport application account is almost ready.

  • This step shows you an email was sent to your email.
  • Now, it’s time to verify the email address that you are the owner of.
  • Go to your Gmail inbox.
  • If you don’t find any email from the e-passport passport portal.
  • You should check your email’s spam; sometimes, you can find it there.

Once you get the link, click it to activate your passport account and sign in to your account.

Step 5: Enter the passport Online registration portal

  • After signing in to your account, you have to verify the account by entering your email and password.
  • Again, click the sign-in button.
  • And on the left side of the page, you can see a button with “apply for a new passport” click here.

Step 6: Provide all info to apply for a new passport

This step is crucial for your passport correction application. Because you have to provide the right info that you want to update or correct, be careful when filling out this part of your application.

  • First, you’ll have to select the passport type.
  • If you want to change the passport type, choose from here.

Then, following the same process, you have to fill up the form providing your

  • Personal information
  • Address
  • Permanent information
  • Parental information
  • Spouse information

At the time of ID documents, you should select the second one where it says, “Yes, I have an Electronic Passport (ePP).

  • Since you have selected that you have an e-passport, it’ll again ask the reasons for your passport application.
  • There, 5 reasons are listed: expired, lost/stolen, data change, unusable, and others.
  • You should select the actual reason for your passport reissue application. If it’s for data change, then select the data change option.
  • Then, put your passport number in the place of the previous passport number, its issue, and expiration date.
  • Next, you’ll be asked, “Do you have passports from other countries?”
  • If you don’t have one, select “No, I don’t have,” or if you have one, select “Yes, I have another passport”.
  • Before proceeding to the next step, put your NID number.

Note: You should only change the info that you want to update. So, don’t change all the information in your previous passport.

Step 7: Complete the form

In the above steps, you provide the required information. But to complete the application form, you must put in more info. Those are

  • Emergency contact
  • Types of passport
  • Delivery options and appointments

Emergency contact, with whom the passport office contacts in case of emergency. It can be any of your dearest ones whom you can trust. Fill up the form with their info. Be extra careful while entering the mobile number, as it’s the fastest contact method in this modern age.

Next, select passport options from

  • 48 pages for 5 years
  • 48 pages for 10 years
  • 64 pages for 5 years
  • 64 pages for 10 years

After that, you should select delivery options and appointments.

  • If you don’t have any emergency, choose the regular delivery option.
  • Or for an emergency, select express delivery.

Finally, book an appointment date for biometric verification.

Step 8: Preview the form

Oh, finally you have filled out the passport correction application form. But

  • Is it okay?
  • Does it have any errors like the previous one?

Don’t worry. Closely observe the passport application overview.

  • If you find any mistake, edit it by pressing the “edit” button.
  • When you are satisfied with the info, press the “confirm and proceed to payment” button.

Step 9:  Pay your passport fees

Online eChallan or bank aChalan both payment systems are available. As making online payment is easy, fast, and convenient, it’s better to choose it. Even, Online payment “ekpay” supports different payment gateway from official banking to online banking. So, here’s the list that ekpay” supports

  • It supports Bank Asia, Brack Bank, EBL, City Bank, UCB, AB Bank, DBBL, Midland Bank, MBL Rainbow for official baking.
  • It supports bKash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay, Dmoney, and OK Wallet for mobile banking.
  • It also supports VISA, Master Card, American Express for Internet banking.

As it supports multiple payment channels, you can choose what is convenient for you. Fast payment, but less hassle.

Step 10: Download and print the evidence

Almost you are done. But what’s the evidence of your application? To reserve your application evidence, you should download the passport application print summary, registration form, and payment receipt.

After downloading, print them and sign the document with the date because you should take all the papers with you during biometric verification.

Step 11: Collect the passport correction ongikernama

We have talked about the passport correction ongikernama in short steps.

But thinking, “how do I fill it up?”

Here are the simple way:

  • Visit this site, download, and print your passport correction ongikernama.
  • It’s a form with some blank space that is easy to fill.
  • Fill up the blank space writing your name, father’s name, mother’s name, religion, and NID number.
  • Also, write your previous passport number and issue date.
  • Then, you see a table like this.
Current passport presented wrong informationActual information according to NID or BRC
Father’s nameFather’s name
Mother’s nameMother’s name
Date of birthDate of birth

Carefully fill up the table and sign it at the left bottom corner where is written “signature/guardian signature (if the applicant is a child)

Step 12: Attend the Biometric & Photo Session

Visit your regional passport office on your scheduled date. Take these necessary documents with you

  • Print summary
  • Application form
  • Payment receipt
  • Main NID copy and 2 of its photocopy
  • Or Birth Registration Certificate
  • Printed and filled passport correction ongikernama.

Note: You should ensure all documents’ details are accurate and matched with your application form. Because authorities will check your information and ask you some questions. If all is okay, you are sent to the biometric verification room. There, they will take your

  • Fingerprint
  • Eye lens
  • Photo
  • Signature

Step 13: Get your passport in hand

You have nothing to do here because now it’s time for the authorities to verify all the info. A police verification will be done during the process to check your history.

If police verify all your provided info, you have no criminal record. They’ll pass the verification. So the passport office will approve your passport.

  • When the authorities approve your passport, you’ll get the passport approval status on your provided mobile number through SMS.
  • You should collect the corrected passport at the date of their mentioned date visiting your regional passport office.

Importance of Accurate Passport Details

Having a passport but with wrong information is the same as not having a passport. Because, you can’t use it anywhere whenever you need. The importance of passport details accuracy with your NID is beyond description. However, let’s see some it the common importance

Verifying your identity

Sometimes, some government authority, like Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) asks for your passport for identity verification when applying for a driving license. If it’s not matched with your NID, you can imagine what’ll happen. You can’t apply for the driving license, or if you somehow apply, they won’t accept/approve it.

Legal Consequences

Incorrect passport details that won’t match with your NID, sometimes can be seen as fraud or false identity. So, you may face legal harassment for inaccurate info in your passport.

Can’t apply for visa

You can’t apply for a visa with your passport if there’s info that is incorrect or doesn’t match with your NID. Or, the visa application will be rejected.

Avoiding Travel Delays

Ever been in a long airport queue? Now imagine being pulled aside because your passport details don’t match your ticket. Correct details mean smoother travels and fewer headaches. Source: IATA Travel Centre

Seamless Transactions Abroad

If you are planning to open a bank account overseas or getting an international driving license. The international financial institutions and official bodies often require a passport as proof of identity. Errors can mean delays or even denials.

Proof for Important Life Events

Whether it’s getting married abroad or applying for foreign study, accurate passport details ensure your big moments go off without a hitch.

Preserving National Reputation

As a Bangladeshi traveler, you represent your nation. Carrying accurate details shows respect for international norms and fosters goodwill. It’s about national pride.

Frequently Asked Questions


Navigating the intricacies of Bangladesh passport correction can seem daunting. But it’ll become manageable for you with this Bangladeshi Passport Correction Consultation Complete Guide.

Ensuring the accuracy of your passport details is paramount. So, follow our step by step guide, and the legal system to apply for passport correction and make it error-free.

As Bangladeshis, our passport is more than just a travel document. It is a representation of our identity and our nation.

Your passport with current info ensures you’re well-equipped to address any discrepancies and paves the way for smooth international interactions.

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