Bangladesh Passport Application

We’re all familiar with the complexities of the Bangladesh Passport Application process. Ever-evolving rules and bureaucracy is the most common in the passport office.

If you’re eager to secure your passport without any hitches, having a reliable guide is essential. Here, we come in with our comprehensive guide to assist you. We’ve broken down every detail to streamline your application journey. So let’s start

Types Of Bangladeshi Passports

Whenever you decide to own a passport, knowing the available types of Bangladeshi passports is important. Each type has its purpose to serve, and everybody isn’t eligible to get all those.

According to Bangladeshi passport Wikipedia, there are 3 types of Bangladeshi passports. Such as

  • Regular Passport (Green): For general citizens.
  • Official Passport (Blue): For government officials.
  • Diplomatic Passport (Red): For diplomats and government top-ranking officials.

Before diving deep into those passport types, here’s a table that shows a quick overview about these three types.

Types of passportsBasic Overview 
Regular Passport (Green)A passport with a green cover.It is used as an individual identity or travel document.Any Bangladeshi citizen is eligible for this passport.Anybody can apply to get it with their NID. But, the children below 18 need their BRC (birth registration certificate) and parent’s NID.The application cost can vary from BDT 4025 to BDT 13800 based on delivery time. Applying to get it in your hands may take 3-4 weeks.After the expiration date, it should be renewed to extend the duration. 
Official Passport (Blue)A passport with a blue cover.It is used for government officials or representatives traveling on official duties. Government officials are eligible for this password. They can apply for a blue passport with their service ID and NID. The cost of this passport is between BDT 4025 and BDT 13800. Processing and delivery of the passport typically span 3-4 weeks. But, the time can be reduced if there is any urgency for official matters.It also needs renewal after the expiration date. 
Diplomatic Passport (Red)A passport with a distinctive red cover.It’s a VIP passport exclusively issued to top-ranking officials, diplomats, and specific privileged individuals to represent Bangladesh on diplomatic missions and assignments.Eligible diplomats or officials can apply for this VIP passport with their diplomatic service ID and NID. Cost, processing time, validity, and renewal are all the same as green and blue passports.

1. Regular passport

A Bangladeshi Regular Passport is known as a green passport. It’s issued as a stamp of your Bangladeshi identity after the NID. 

Generally, you may think that you’ll need a passport to travel. But, besides traveling abroad, there are many circumstances when you should be a green passport holder. Like

  • You may ask for your passport as a form of identification during your driving license application.
  • Most banks, including Dutch Bangla request you to submit your passport to apply for a Visa MasterCard.
  • Sometimes, the post office can seek your passport to identify you before handling important parcels or mail. 

Even being a green passport holder, you can visit 20 countries without any visa, and 33 countries issue eVisa. To know those countries, see here.

2. Official Passport

When a green passport is for all Bangladeshi citizens, a blue passport is reserved for our government officials. You can say it is a royal passport with some royal benefits. 

It’s mainly for high-ranking government officers—members of the National Parliament and others representing Bangladesh on official matters. 

They need it to attend conferences or represent Bangladesh in an international seminar. It makes their visa processes and immigration checks easier. 

This passport is purely for official journeys. So, they can’t use it for dreamy vacations or other personal benefits. And when an official retires or no longer holds the position, they generally have to return this passport.

3. Diplomatic Passport

Red is not always a dangerous sign; sometimes it gives a feeling of VVIP (very very important person). Yes, the red cover of the Diplomatic Passport is a rare and prestigious document reserved for a select few.

The President, Prime Minister, Ambassadors, High Commissioners, and other top-ranking officials will get this passport. This passport ensures the bearer is recognized and respected in their diplomatic capacity.

Fees and Charges for Getting a Bangladesh Passport

Now, the Bangladesh government has made everything easier, bringing them online. The passport application process and payment are also included in this system. Later, we’ll discuss the online passport application procedure. 

But before that, we’d like to inform you of the fees and payment details. As it varies based on…

  • Passport delivery time 
  • Payment method (online, which is called eChalan, or via bank, which is called aChalan
  • No. of passport pages
  • Duration of passport validity 
  • Applying from inside Bangladesh that includes 15% VAT
  • For Bangladesh Mission’s General Applicants

Bangladesh e‑Passport Online Portal updated its website on 9 March 2023. And according to that, let’s have a quick look at the passport types, cost, and delivery time 

Payment Chart For General Passport Applying From Inside Bangladesh 

Passport typePagesValidityDelivery timeFees
e-passport485Regular deliveryTK 4,025
Express deliveryTK 6,325
Super Express deliveryTK 8,625
e-passport4810Regular deliveryTK 5,750
Express deliveryTK 8,050
Super Express deliveryTK 10,350
e-passport645Regular deliveryTK 6,325
Express deliveryTK 8,625
Super Express deliveryTK 12,075
e-passport6410Regular deliveryTK 8,050
Express deliveryTK 10,350
Super Express deliveryTK 13,800


  • Regular delivery means 15/21 working days, express delivery means 7/10 working days, and super express delivery means 2 working days. And all the delivery time will be counted from the biometric enrolment date. 
  • Even, the payment that you pay is not refundable in case you withdraw the application. 
  • We suggest you visit the above link that is attached to know payment and other if you want to apply to laborers and students under the Bangladesh mission.

The Documents You Have to Get Ready Before Applying

Knowing and getting the required documents ready is the best way to smooth your passport application process. 

Otherwise, when the online process asks for the information in the middle of the application, you can’t go to the next step if you can’t provide it. 

And it’ll be frustrating if you can’t complete the steps once you enter the application process. So, knowing the required documents and keeping them available before you apply is necessary. 

You’ll get all the basic information about the required documents by visiting this page. They listed 10 types of document requirements. Though all are important, here we include the 4 applicable to all of you.

  • Bangladeshi NID copy or Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) in case you don’t have NID. 
  • Parents’ Birth Registration Certificate (BRC) for children below 18 (as the Bangladesh government doesn’t issue NID for them)
  • Marriage certificate (if you are married)
  • Divorce registration certificate (if you are divorced)

Bangladesh Passport Online Application Procedure

At first glance, you may think applying for a passport yourself is challenging. But it’s absolutely not. You can apply from your home by following our step-by-step guidelines below.

Step 1: Visit the passport application website

First, visit the website. There, you will find a place written with: apply online for e-passport, 5 steps to e-passport, urgent application, passport fees, instructions, and application at RPO Bangladesh Secretariat.

Since you want to apply for a passport, click the apply online for e-passport. It leads you to a page from where you basically create your passport application account. 

You have to create an account here, providing information from where you are (Bangladesh or abroad). If you are from Bangladesh, you have to provide your district and the nearest police station to your district, as you have to collect the password from the passport office of that location. 

Step 2: Enter your email address

Since it is an online application, you have to input one of your email addresses. Then, verify you are human through the captcha.

Note: You should put an email that you check regularly. 

Step 3: Enter your account information

In this step, you have to put again your email address that you gave in the previous step. You should also make a 6-character strong password to keep it secure this time. 

The algorithm suggests you making a password with a combination of upper-case, lower-case, symbols and numbers. 

However, that doesn’t mean you make it as complicated as you can’t remember it. So, make it as simple as you can remember and as complex as nobody can predict.

Step 4: Activate the account 

Carefully fill up the form with the information that it requires – your name, date of birth, mobile number. An account activation email will be sent to your email. So, from there, you have to activate the account. Then, sign in to the account.

Step 5: Apply for a new passport

Above, we have talked about the passport types. Now, you have to select the passport type you want to apply from ordinary or official passports. Then, input the info that is asked for about 

  • Personal information
  • Address
  • ID documents
  • Permanent information 
  • Parental information
  • Spouse information
  • Emergency contact
  • Passport options
  • Delivery options & payment

After providing all the info, it’s time to overview. While overviewing, consciously check all of them to ensure no outdated or miss-leading data. 

Once satisfied with the overview, click the declaration of consent and proceed to the payment option. 

Step 6: Make payment

You can pay in two ways: online eChallan or bank aChalan. Online payment with “ekpay” is easier, so it’s better to choose it. Because EKpay supports different payment gateway.

  • For official baking – it supports BBL, City, DBBL, UCBL
  • For mobile banking– it supports bkash, nogod, rocket, etc. 
  • For Internet banking– it supports AB Bank, Bank Asia, etc. 
  • For wallet — it supports Dmoney, Upay, etc.

That means you can choose the payment gateway that is available for you. After selecting the payment gateway, complete your payment. 

Step 7: Download and print the proof

All you have done. As proof of your passport application, you have to download the passport application print summary, registration form, and payment receipt and print them because you have to take them to the passport office during biometric verification. 

Step 8: Book an Appointment

After online submission and payment, you need to schedule a biometric data capture and photo session appointment. This is crucial as your physical presence is required.

Log into the passport application portal and navigate to the appointment section. Then, pick a suitable date and time that is available. 

Step 9: Attend the Biometric & Photo Session

Visit your regional passport office on your scheduled date. Bring along necessary documents like 

  • Print summary
  • Application form
  • Payment receipt
  • Main NID copy and 2 of its photocopy
  • Or Birth Registration Certificate

Note: Ensure all details are accurate on the required documents page.

In the biometric verification, they will take your

  • Fingerprint
  • Eye lens
  • Photo
  • Signature 

Once all are completed, you are almost 99% ahead of getting your passport.

Step 10: Passport Delivery

During the process of your application, a police verification will be done to check your history. If they find all the info you provided fair and you have no criminal record, they’ll verify it. So, the passport office will approve your passport.

After approval, you’ll receive notifications about its status either on your mobile, email, or both. 

When ready, collect your passport from your specified location. Or you can opt for home delivery if the service is available in your region.

Common Reasons for Passport Application Rejection in Bangladesh

While the specific reasons for passport application rejections can vary depending on individual cases and the discretion of the reviewing officer. However, most of the common causes are

1) Incomplete application or documentation: A predominant cause for application rejection is an incomplete or incorrectly filled application form. Missing the necessary documents or not adhering to the specified guidelines can raise red flags.

2) Mismatched information: If the details on your ID card, birth paper, and other info don’t match your form, that’s a no-go.

3) Criminal record or ongoing legal proceedings: If you have a criminal record or ongoing legal proceedings against you. That’s a higher likelihood of your passport application rejection. 

4) Previous passport misuse: If you had a previous passport and misused it. It can be overstaying in foreign countries or being involved in illegal activities abroad. This could affect your new application.

5) Not providing proper identification: Failure to provide authentic identification proofs like the National ID or Birth Registration Certificate is another reason for passport rejection. 

6) Photograph issues: If your photo doesn’t meet the prescribed guidelines, like wrong dimensions, unclear image, or inappropriate background. It can cause your application to be denied.

7) Incorrect Fee payment: You have to pay the amount for your selected passport charge. In any case, you pay less than the required fee. Or you don’t follow the specific payment methods that will halt the application process. 

8) Not showing enough proof of nationality: It’s rare, but we can’t deny it. Sometimes, applications get rejected if there’s not enough evidence or documentation proving the applicant’s Bangladeshi nationality.

How To Re-apply for a Bangladesh Passport After Rejection

Rejection is always unfortunate and frustrating. But, if you have faced a passport hiccup, there’s no worry, because you can re-apply for the passport. This time, you should be more careful. So, before jumping to the process, reread passport application instructions.

  1. Understand the ‘Why’

First and foremost, pinpoint why your application was rejected. The authorities usually send a letter explaining the reason. You should read it carefully to find out the reasons. Like 

  • Is it a photo issue?
  • Is it missing documents?
  • or something else?
  1. Address the Issue head-on

Now, it’s time to tackle the problem. If it’s a document error, get ready the right papers. If it’s the wrong photo, get a new, clear one that fits the guidelines.

  1. Don’t rush – prepare right

Don’t rush for the reapplication. Take time to ensure everything’s in order. Double-check all details before sitting for the next application. If you can’t manage alone, ask a friend or family member who can handle it for you. 

  1. Pay again, but wisely

Reapplying means repaying the fees. Since the payment is not refundable, your last payment went in vain. So, this time wisely make the payment. Always remember, investing in getting things right is worth every taka.

  1. Schedule that appointment & complete verification 

Schedule another appointment for your biometric verification. Visit your local passport office on the scheduled date earlier to complete your verification. Because, most of the time there is a rush for lots of passport applicants.

You’ll be provided a slip after completing the verification process. Keep it safe, as you’ll need it to receive your passport.

  1. After getting the passport check it

Once you receive the new passport, check everything on spot and ensure all details are correct. Mostly check these 3

  • Your name’s spelling
  • Your parent’s name spelling
  • Date of birth

Top Tips To smoothly Apply For Bangladesh Passport 

Here’s the lowdown on how to make your Bangladesh passport application process as smooth as butter. 

You know the saying, “The early bird catches the worm?” It’s true for passports, too. So, you have to start your process well in advance to avoid no last-minute rush.
Know why you need your passport and which type you are eligible for. Ensure you’re applying for the right one that suits your needs.
Here’s no room for typos. So, before submitting the application cross-check your provided info with your NID and other documents. 
Honesty really is the best policy. Put the real info in your passport application. 
Keep all documents organized and ready in a folder. Have a checklist to ensure all the items you take on the biometric verification date. 
A photo can make or break your application. In your biometric verification date, visit the office wearing the clothes that contrast the background. No white shirt is allowed. 
Keep in mind the appointment etiquette. Always be courteous.

How to Keep Your Passport Safe & Secure

Got that shiny new passport? Awesome! Now, let’s talk about keeping it safe and sound. Because, your passport is like a golden ticket – precious.

And, let’s be real, accidents happen. Spills, rain, what you name it. Here’s a short care guide to keep your passport safe. 

  • Treat it Like Gold: Always store your passport in a safe spot. Think lockable bags or hotel safes when traveling.
  • Waterproofing: Spills happen! A waterproof cover can be a lifesaver for those unexpected splashes.
  • Backup is Key: Make a photocopy or take a clear photo of your passport’s main pages. Store it separately.
  • Beware in Crowds: Traveling in packed places? Stay alert for pickpockets. Maybe even consider an anti-theft bag.
  • Wear and Tear: If your passport’s looking well-traveled (read: a bit too worn), consider renewing it. Some countries can be picky about accepting roughed-up passports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping Things Up For Navigating the Passport Path

The process of Bangladeshi passport application is straightforward when you have the right guidance. Otherwise, it seems complex. Trust us on this one. 

Understand the types of passports, gather the right documents, and tread through the application steps with care. 

That’s all, your journey of applying for your passport and getting it will be smooth and flexible. 

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